Friday, April 15, 2011

enticing icing :: party feature (Saxon's Birthday)

Now that I am slowly getting back in the swing of things I have a few parties I would love to share with you, starting with my son's 4th birthday held recently.

Let me just start by saying I have two typical boys, if it's got wheels or an engine its cool. My eldest is obsessed with Motorbikes and had not waived in his choice of theme for he's party, so on the hunt I went only to come up blank. Enter boys party designers - Space Ships and Laser Beams! on etsy! I can't rave about these guys enough. I went to them with a rough idea of what we wanted and they brought it all to life (and for a very reasonable price too) and were just awesome to work with. We are already planning our youngest's upcoming birthday and I know exactly where I will be heading for our stationary.
 So our Motorbike party was nearly complete, we had the 'look' sorted. I just had to come through with the goods on the day. Silly me let Sax look at some cakes online with me and what did he fall in love with, you guessed it the 'Rainbow cake'. Now I had read about this mythical cake on blogs, seen lots of beautiful pictures but attempted one myself, no never. As you know I am more of a cupcake than a cake kind of girl. Cupcakes are easy, simple yet still tasty. A rainbow cake, it has layers, colours and is pretty complex but I gave it a go and it all worked out ok in the end :) and I will never forget the look on the birthday's face on the day, so that definitely made it all ok.
The party table all came together pretty easy, as we were having it at the local park I wanted to keep things simple, yet still work with our theme. I had some of the designs from the stationary printed at my local cake supply shop straight onto icing with edible ink so I could add them to the Chocolate Chip Biscuit party favours. It was very fiddly but looked really cool and I was so happy with how they turned out.

All in all we had lots of fun, a play in the park, some yummy food (probably a bit too much sugar intake) but all in all a fun day had by all :)


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